Writing Center

Coppola, Ann

Assistant Director Libraries
Location: West Campus
Room: J138

Poland, Peri

Assistant Professor
Location: West Campus
Room: S221

The PHSC Online Writing Center site is made possible by the policies of Pasco-Hernando State College to support creative and academic efforts of faculty and staff to provide the best education possible for our students.  It has recently been re-developed to assure accessibility and security.  It is an open educational resource and will serve as the e-text for English Composition 1101, thereby eliminating the need for PHSC students to buy a textbook. 

Special thanks to:

Dr. Timothy Beard, PHSC President

The initial content for the site was written by PHSC English Composition 1101 model online course developers Ann Bunting and Peri Poland. By having the lessons and exercises they created on grammar, essays, research, and documenting sources posted outside the course in a separate site, students would have a cost-free, online text and would continue to have access to the information after the course. The site also provides a useful tool for the entire PHSC campus community. Peri and Ann along with other faculty continue to revise and supplement the content.  

The original site had been created by the PHSC Academic Technology Department who provided the technical expertise and effort for the creation of the site itself. Instructional Designer Maya Pakhomova determined the appropriate software, created the design and layout, and entered the content.  However, the problems of accessibility and security required a resolution.

Seeing the significant need for offering students an open access textbook pursuant to policies supported by Dr. Timothy Beard, PHSC President, Dr. Melissa Harts approved the project.  The current site was built by Webmaster Cielo Johnson, Department of Institutional Technology.  While the content remains substantially the same, there are revisions. 

The developers see this site as a constant work in progress and welcome comments, corrections, and suggestions to make this a PHSC community resource. They want to know if there are sections that are not clear or are missing information.